Conveyancing and Notarial

The firm has an established conveyancing practice which is headed by Dee Human, whose attention to detail has serviced clients at the firm for more than 5 years.

Over the years, the conveyancing department has grown from strength to strength and has ensured that the client is aware and informed of their transfers at every step of the process. In so doing, the conveyancing department ensures that a weekly report of each and every property transfer is supplied to all parties to the transaction. In this way the parties are fully aware of the progress of their transfers.

Our conveyancer is assisted by two conveyancing secretaries and the litigation department to ensure that the firm provides the client with an efficient conveyancing service. Our conveyancing department is able to effect transfers to a wide range of transactions including:

  • Full Title and Sectional Title;
  • Commercial;
  • Deceased Estates;
  • Insolvent Estates;
  • Bond Registrations and cancellations;
  • Developments;
  • Commercial Developments;
  • Consolidations and Subdivisions of Properties;

The firm employs two notary publics being Dino Tserkezis and Dee Human who are able to assist clients with:

  • Antenuptial Agreements;
  • Notarial Bonds;
  • Servitudes;
  • Apostilles;